Oracle password expired

Oracle passwords can expire and if your application uses any of those users it could suddenly stop working. You can check status of your user from the dba_users table using the following query

select username, account_status, expiry_date, profile from dba_users;

To solve this, you could:-

1.) Run the sql query alter profile default limit password_life_time unlimited; which will change the password_life_time to unlimited for users with default profile (you can check which profile your user belongs to from the dba_users table). Your password will never expire.


2.) If the above query doesn’t re-enable the user, you may need to manually reset passwords by logging into sqlplus.

After re-enabling the log-in, its a good idea to confirm the expiry_date and account_status by checking it out in the dba_users table.

Here is a link to a more detailed explaination